Lauren, Senior Class of 2019

Now that it is Springtime it is hard to believe it wasn’t that long ago (okay, just last week!) that we were shivering when we stepped outside. That was the case for Lauren’s senior session, even though we had gorgeous blue skies and bright sunshine. She braved the frigid air like a pro though, and we were able to get some beautiful photos to celebrate her senior year! We started downtown Martin, utilizing its lovely character in the brick buildings and along the sidewalks. Our next stop was a more natural location, and the sunset light gave us a warm, magical glow towards the end, which went perfectly with Lauren’s golden hair. Such a fun session (even though we were frozen!) and such a sweet, sweet young lady.

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Lauren!

Sampson Family

This sweet couple lets me take pictures around their yard often, so when Mrs. Anne asked me if I would take pictures for them when their family would be in town, I told her I would absolutely love to do that! It was a bit cool and windy the day everyone could be together, but we made it work with a few extra layers and by keeping everyone nice and close to each other. :) I think it was worth braving the cold though, because the colors were beautiful, and taking these at the place that holds so many memories for the people involved makes the pictures even more special for them. I’m so glad it worked out and that I could do something for this sweet family who is always so kind to me.

Baby Adeline, Newborn Session

Little Adeline was born just in time to celebrate the holidays with her family! She was already so focused for how new she was, and was not too excited to go to sleep for me. I don’t think she wanted to miss out on what was going on! :) But we got some sweet photos that showed off her beautiful baby blues, which I love, so I was just fine with some awake pictures. After some cuddles with her mom and dad though, she was ready for a nap, and she drifted off to sleep towards the end of the session. Sometimes it just takes some pats from mom and some lullabies from dad to get a baby to sleep. :)

Welcome to the world, sweet Adeline!