Baby Maggie, Six Month Session

We were so excited to see a warmer, 60 degree day in the forecast for Maggie’s session after it had been cold for so long! And though we were a bit caught off guard when it was actually kind of chilly that morning, Maggie did great and was such a happy baby girl for her pictures. She showed off her newfound sitting up skills, and loved cuddling with her big brother (though he was ready to go explore as soon as he was no longer needed haha). I worked extra fast to get the session done before these little ones got too cool, but they made my job easy that morning and we got plenty of sweet photos in half the time of a usual session. :) So grateful for that little bit of sunshine and those happy faces!

Baby Remi, Newborn Session

Introducing you to our sweet niece Remington, or “Remi”. She is just a little sweetheart, who takes so much after her big brother Wyatt (who takes after his mom and dad equally, in my opinion!) She smiles easily and has been such a happy baby. I decided to use the yellow backdrop for some of her pictures because she was like a little ray of sunshine born in the middle of winter. :)
When her big brother Wyatt was born, my brother’s family was based in the Netherlands at their air force base, so we didn’t get to see him right away. Little Remington was born on this side of the world though, and I was thrilled to be able to take some newborn pictures of her! I definitely have some spoiling to catch up on now that these two kiddos are back in town. Just looking at these pictures makes me want to schedule a niece and nephew day soon!

Welcome to the world baby Remi! We love you!

Baby John Ira, Newborn Session

This sweet baby boy arrived just in time for the holidays, and got lots of snuggles and cuddles as the Christmas lights glowed. Though his whole family was excited to meet him, his big sister Poppy was especially excited to show him off at his newborn session. She introduced me to John Ira and was so sweet with him for the pictures! Baby brother did well for his session, too, and though he liked cuddling with his mom and dad mostly, he let me get some sweet pictures of him by himself as he slept. :) He just has the most perfect little face and I loved his pouty lip in one or two of the photos! I’m so excited to see how much he has changed since this session soon— can’t believe it is almost time for the next milestone!

Welcome to the world little guy!