Baby Finlee Cate, One Year Session

We had to do two takes for this session, because being awakened from a nap is no fun, and I don't think I would want my picture taken then either. ;) But no worries, as our second attempt went great! Sweet Finlee Cate loved seeing the sights at Discovery Park, and she and her big sister loved all the flowers that were blooming. Finlee showed us some of her standing skills and gave us some sweet smiles! She has had quite a first year, but she has shown lots of strength and resilience. She is someone special, that is certain! <3

Happy first year sweet Finlee Cate! 

Ladd Family, Extended Family Session

This family got together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their parents (or grandparents, depending on who you are talking to!) and asked if I would come take a few pictures of them while they were all in one place! Of course I was happy to, so we braved the summer heat and made it happen. :) At one moment, I asked Connie what the secret to a long marriage was, and she said something to the effect of, "God, first. And you also have to make sure your marriage is a safe place to tell each other what you are feeling. If you are feeling like your spouse is working too much, for example, you need to be able to tell them. And they need to be able to hear it with grace. We haven't always agreed with each other in 50 years, but we needed to learn how to have grace and patience to work through those times." I thought that was advice worth sharing, as it seems to have been successful for these two! <3

Happy anniversary! And thanks so much for letting me take pictures of you all!

Will Benton & Family, One Year Session

It seems like just yesterday we were taking Ellen's one year pictures, but now it is her baby brother's turn. Sweet Will Benton is a big one year old! 
Working with this family is always a joy, and this time was no different. Ellen and Will Benton loved exploring, looking for fish in the ponds, and cuddling close with their mom and dad. Will Benton showed off his standing skills (I'm sure he is walking around like a pro now!) and his adorable, toothy grin. And Ellen made sure her little brother was safe and sound while we were taking his pictures. :) It was so hard to pick out my favorites from this session because there were so many sweet moments, but here are a few! 

Happy first birthday Will Benton! It has been a pleasure being your first photographer!