Samantha + Kevin

It's tough to call Samantha and Kevin my "clients" because that seems a bit too formal to me now. Maybe "friends" is more like it? Since the initial meeting about a year ago we've talked about the big day, and  I was so excited to be their chosen wedding photographer! Sam has great tastes, and when she first told me her ideas for the wedding I tried to be professional and not squeal a little bit. ;) The words "bohemian" and "colorful" and "fun" were used several times, and I could tell she and Kevin would be great to work with. We did their engagement session last year in the colorful Fall leaves and got to know each other a little, as they laughed and told me about how they met and how Sam didn't think Kevin really thought much about her at first. (Which apparently, he did of course. ;) ) We got to take pictures at the exact same place Kevin proposed to her, with Samantha's little dog trailing behind us and even sneaking in a few of the pictures, too!When Samantha got in touch with me a few months ago and said they had decided to do a small destination wedding in the mountains, I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn't be able to take their wedding pictures. But she quickly reassured me that they still wanted pictures taken, it would just be her and Kevin and we would get together after the wedding and do a Bride & Groom session instead! Then I got a little excited, because that meant we could go wherever we wanted and take as long as we wanted on these pictures, not worrying about time or guests, etc. The nice people at Flippen's Orchard let us use their trees as our backdrop and though we did have an unwelcome guest (a skunk, who thankfully was as scared of us as I was of him!) and battled the heat and mosquitos, I am in love with how these pictures turned out! Samantha & Kevin, thanks so much for including me in this exciting time in your lives! I hope you love your pictures!

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Seriously, how gorgeous is she?!

_MG_4662 copy

(One of my favorites!)

_MG_4694 copy _MG_4727 copy _MG_4805 copy

Soooo cute! (Thanks Kevin for helping me make her laugh!)

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