Chess and Siblings

I photographed this little guy several months back, but for his 18 month session we invited his siblings along as well. :) We had a grand time running around by the pond, boat, and cabin, taking pictures and exploring a little. Anna Francis and Kail were great as well, helping us bring smiles to Chess's face while battling the June heat and mosquitos! We've been doing sessions either in the morning or late afternoon recently so we can try to have cooler temps and of course, better lighting. :) I almost never shoot mid-day unless it is inside, or unavoidable with schedules (or weddings!). When the sun is right above our heads it can make for some pretty harsh shadows and squinty eyes. For this session we started in the morning, but most of my sessions that do not involve children are started about two hours before dark. So there's a handy tip for ya!

_MG_3896 copy_1 _MG_3856 copy _MG_4092 copy _MG_4152 copy _MG_4198 copy

I love this age, and how the smallest things can capture their attention. Also a little jealous of his sweet eyelashes! ;)

_MG_4229 copy

All smiles!

_MG_4265 copy _MG_4340 copy