Cayce- Senior

Oh my goodness, I have to say I LOVE this session! Cayce was fabulous to work with- if you know her, you know she always has a big smile on her face. She has been at Synergy Youth Camp for the past few years when I've gone to take pictures, so I probably have a picture or two of her serving at one of the mission ops or with her youth group on the beach. It's awesome to see these "kids" grow up a little more every year I go to Synergy, it kind of makes me feel old even though I was in their shoes just a few years ago! We went to some pretty cool locations for this Senior session, including the high school in Cayce, KY, where both of her parents graduated from. :) Towards the end we got a gorgeous sunset over the fields, which made me one happy photographer! I don't know what could have made the session better (except maybe a hundred or so less mosquitos....)

Congratulations on being a senior Cayce! Hope it is the best year yet!

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While we were taking the pictures here, we got to see a little raccoon family trot across the road behind her a little ways. :) You know you're in the South when....