Lynnlee & Abbott

I love this session because not only did I get to photograph two sweet little girls, but we got to do the shoot in their own back yard. :) There's just something double-sentimental about that to me! It brings back so many memories of catching fireflies, playing on the swingset, and roasting marshmallows over bonfires in our backyard growing up. Lynnlee and Abbott were only content to sit still for a few pictures, and then they were ready to run around and explore! They smelled a few flowers, tossed a few balls around, played in the little house, and giggled a bit while doing it. That's what fun Summer evenings are made of. :) _MG_0190 copy

Abbott loves her little sister!

Those eyes. <3

_MG_0277 copy _MG_0297 copy _MG_0315 copy

When we walked through the house to get to the backyard, I noticed Lynnlee's room matched her little outfit. :) So when we went inside to cool off for a few minutes, I got a few pictures of her in there as well! Love her happy smile here!

_MG_0373 copy _MG_0433 copy _MG_0469 copy _MG_0457-2 copy _MG_0512 copy