Families don't get much cuter than this! I got to hang out with this little family while photographing The Synergy Project in Panama City Beach this June, and the last morning we decided to wake up a bit earlier and get some pictures by the water. I have to say, little Reid stole my heart that week and I miss waking up every morning and seeing his sweet face! He even winked at me a few times. ;) Isn't he adorable?! I'm so glad I got to take pictures for this sweet family, they worked hard all week and are wonderful examples of what being the hands and feet of Christ looks like.  Seth and Brittany helped prepare meals for the campers, went on crazy grocery shopping runs, helped with the services and organization of the camp.... and on and on. Even Reid helped get the students pumped for worship by doing some dancing and singing himself. ;) It was fun and inspiring to get to know them all a little more this year, and I hope you guys can get a glimpse of that in these pictures!

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