Brothers, sisters, and cousins

A few weeks ago I got to do a session with these four children and had a blast doing it! We ran around taking pictures of each set of siblings, then of course got both sets together since everyone needs photos with their cousins. :) In between the pictures the kids got to meet the chickens and cats and ducks that wonder around this little farm, which is one of my favorite locations to go to. I think it brings out the kid in all of us! _MG_5264 (1) copy

All the cousins!

Brother and sister. :)

_MG_4976 copy _MG_5140 copy _MG_5088 copy _MG_5147 copy _MG_5168 copy _MG_5108 copy

I know her momma will probably like the smiling version better, but goodness-- she pulls off that serious face so well!

_MG_5362 copy

I love that his mustache didn't quite make it beneath his nose.... :)

We had to get some of just the girls, too!