Gray Family

This little session had a few ups and downs-- it was a nice and warm summer evening, but the location was lovely and we had an amazing sunset; the family was crazy adorable, but the sweet little girl had shots that morning and was not quite in the picture taking mood; and after we were done and had taken some lovely pictures, I drove off and left my prop box with my camera on top of it sitting in the driveway! :) Sometimes you guys only see the pretty pictures and don't know quite the whole story-- but this is one of those sessions that I look back and smile on because we had to work together to get the perfect shot, get a little extra creative to grab some smiles, and it was topped off with an amazing blonde moment on my part (I can say that because I'm naturally blonde. ;) ) I love the pictures we got from this session, and that it is definitely one of those I can point to and say, "That's real life"-- the good parts and the crazy parts! _MG_5974 copy _MG_6004 copy

_MG_6075 copy _MG_6102 copy _MG_6136 copy _MG_6161 copy _MG_6204 copy