An Introduction to Abrea

I wrote a little introduction to Jimmy a few weeks ago, but I thought I should probably tell you all a few things about myself as well since some of you are new around here! So here goes-- 10 Things You May Not Know About Me. 1. I grew up in Troy, TN, but I was homeschooled so I don't know as many people around here as I probably should. I am kind of grateful that a lot of you don't know me from high school and such though, because I was pretty awkward. ;) And I'm not talking about the Zooey Deschanel cutesy awkward, but like the Chandler Bing awkward!

2. Gilmore Girls is my favorite show of all time. I even got Jimmy to watch it with me, just so he would know why random things make me laugh! Many weddings and sessions have been processed with Gilmore Girls playing in the background.

3. I became a coffee lover in college when I had class for four hours straight, starting at 8:00 in the morning. It was mostly sweet Starbucks drinks for me until I took a trip to Portland, OR, a couple of years ago. Now that I know how amazing a beautifully handcrafted latte tastes made by a skilled barista, I am sold! We have a whole section in our tiny kitchen devoted to coffee now. Freshly roasted beans, a top-notch grinder (we grind beans every day before making our coffee), and about five or six different ways to make coffee here at home.

A barista made this, we aren't quite this talented yet!

4. Speaking of 8am classes, I went to college in Nashville for photography and absolutely loved it! Nossi College of Art became my home away from home for two years. For the first time ever I was surrounded by other people who had a passion for art and creativity. It was like heaven to me. We had small classes so we all became a little family, shooting homework assignments together and helping each other figure out photoshop and lighting. I cried like a baby my last day of classes, it's kind of embarrassing. :)

5. Jimmy and I met at a Bible study called The Bridge, and out of that little Bible study two other couples met and got married. It just might have been because my sister was there and is kind of a matchmaker... We have to give credit to whom credit is due!

6. At home, I clean and Jimmy is the cook. He is pretty amazing, and I am pretty ditzy, when it comes to cooking. For example, the first time I made popcorn I left the plastic wrap on when I put it in the microwave!

7. We don't have kids yet, but we do have a little scruffy dog named Annie. She was a rescue, so we don't know exactly how old she is or what breed she is. I think she is her own breed, though. A little mixture of all sorts. Her crazy hair is one of the things I love most about her!


8. My name is pretty unique, and one of my good friends still mispronounces it. It's now to the point that I can't even correct her because we've known each other a few years. :) When in doubt, feel free to call me "Abe"!

9. I am a pretty stereotypical lady who loves Fall! I can never get enough scarves, cardigans, boots, and pumpkin-scented candles. If I could hit pause about mid-October and keep the orange leaves around a few weeks longer, I definitely would!

10. Jimmy and I wanted to elope in Washington state, but after our families were a bit sad about not being there to watch us say "I Do", we had a small ceremony here at home instead. It was the perfect wedding day though, we couldn't have asked for a better one! We did end up going to Seattle for our honeymoon, and can't wait to go back someday. So if anyone needs a photographer in the Pacific Northwest... you know where to find us! ;)

Shots By Cheyenne was our wedding photographer, and we loved her! This photo credit goes to her!