31 Picture Ideas for Capturing Everyday Life


I've always been sentimental, and that is one of the reasons I love my job so much-- I get to capture some pretty spectacular moments for my clients, memories to be displayed on their walls and in photo albums. But at the end of last year I realized that I had hardly taken any pictures of my husband and myself, or the memories we made in 2015. Even snapshots with our phones!It's easy to forget that the small moments are also worthy of recording and looking back on, no matter if they were taken by ourselves with a camera on our phones or by a professional with a fancy DSLR. So I am making a little challenge for myself, and maybe you want to join me! Here is a list of 31 pictures that I hope to take, whether all in the next month or spread out a little longer. :) If you'd like to follow along, I'll be using the hashtag #acp31pictures when I post a shot I took from this list. And if you want to join in (please do!), you can use the hashtag, too! I'd love to see the memories you capture from this list as well!

Feel free to save this graphic for your phone's wallpaper or pin it so you don't forget it!

31 Picture Ideas