Katelyn, Senior Class of 2017

Katelyn really wanted to do something unique for her senior session, and asked me about taking some pictures in water. We tried hard to come up with a good location for those pictures, but it proved harder than you would think for having so many rural locations around here! :) We decided to try going to a pond, which wasn't what we originally had in mind but we were going to give it a shot. When we arrived at the first location, however, we found that the creek that runs at the very edge of their yard actually had water in it. (I've taken lots of pictures at this location and it hardly ever has much, if any water, so it was a wonderful surprise!) It was exactly the type of setting we had wanted, and Katelyn said the pictures were what she hoped they would be. Sometimes at sessions we have to just put in a little extra effort, and other times we just get lucky. I'd say this one was a little bit of both. :) 

Thanks for being willing to hike down into a creek, hold some flowers up, and walk in the tall grass for your session Katelyn! I think all your hard work paid off!