Bailey Family, Lifestyle Session

This session was so much fun for me, because I was able to take on a style of photography that I love! Sarah had sent me some pictures she would like for me to use as inspiration for their session, and I was excited when I saw that they were all family documentary photos-- more of a "day in the life" session than a "sit here and smile" session. I had been wanting to try this for a while, because those are the pictures I love most from my childhood-- the ones of us playing outside, candid pictures snuggling with my family, the silly ones full of spontaneity and adventure. And the Bailey family was perfect for this, they just played together and had fun like it was a normal evening and not a photoshoot. They painted, baked some cookies, had a pillow fight and jumped on the bed, climbed trees and played ball, and when big brother got home we snuck in a few of the "posed" family photos because it is good to have a few of those as well. :) 


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