Jack, 9 Month Session

I can't believe we are approaching the one year mark for baby Jack! These little ones grow up way too fast. Nine month session down, only the one year celebration to go! 

A few of you may have seen the picture below on Instagram of Jack having a milk break during his session, as he started getting hungry and sleepy shortly after we started. Being this cute and smiling for the camera can be exhausting! :) We tried our best to schedule the session around work schedules and nap times, but a car ride just has a way of making little ones drowsy. Jack toughed it out and gave us some sweet, sweet smiles but we decided toward the end to let him get back to his nap. (See the tearful picture below!) I'm sure he slept all the way home!

Someday, little Jack, you'll be able to have coffee... Someday. :)