Joel, Senior Class of 2017

One thing I love about Senior sessions is that this we don't have to stick with just traditional portraits. Of course, I do take a few "stand here and smile" shots, but a lot of times I try to infuse the teen's passions and personality into the pictures as well. This is all about them and this specific time in their life, and I love to tell a bit of that story. 
When I first met Joel for his senior session, I asked what he would like to incorporate into the pictures. He told me a few things: His truck, his bow, his gun, and his decoys. :) It is all about  hunting with this one! After working with him just a little bit though, I could see that this is definitely "Joel". As soon as we got past the traditional shots and began taking some with his truck and hunting equipment, he seemed much more at home, and even came up with his own ideas for pictures. It became a team effort between him, his parents, and me to find the right areas around the pond, the poses that would be natural for the scene, and what looks best for the props we were integrating.
I think the images turned out great, and best of all, I think Joel is happy with them!