Baby Gabe, Newborn Session

Meet baby Gabe, the newest little member of our extended family! This is my husband Jimmy’s baby cousin, so does that make him my cousin-in-law? :)

I shot a wedding in Murfreesboro, and Gabe’s family graciously let me stay at their home just down the road from there so I wouldn’t have to get a hotel for the night. They asked if I could take some pictures of baby Gabe while I was in town, and of course I was happy to! Though he was a bit older than my typical newborn, he slept like a champ and we were able to get some of those sweet baby poses that are sometimes a challenge for older babies. I love his awake pictures too though, especially the one with that little smile. :) I know he is his own person and will have his own unique personality, but goodness— he reminds me so much of his big brother, EJ! It will be fun to see how little Gabe differs from his brother as he gets older, both in looks and personality.

Welcome to the world, baby Gabe! We’re so glad you’re here!