Baby Conley Jane, Three Month Session

Little Conley Jane did such a good job at her three month session! She wasn’t quite excited about belly time just yet, but she gave us lots of sweet expressions and showed off her new hand and feet coordination skills. :) She fell asleep before I got there so we let her get a little bit of her nap out in the sweet bassinet that had. It’s not everyday I get to photograph a sleeping baby at a three-month-old session! She woke up after a few minutes and stayed awake long enough to see what was going on, before falling back to sleep on her mom and dad for the parent shots. I think she likes cuddling with them a little bit. :) Then she awoke and was up for good, and gave us some sweet baby smiles and giggles! She is just the cutest little thing. It’s crazy how fast she has grown from the newborn session, and we still have a few more milestones to go before her one year photos!