Hannah + Sam, Engagement

Hannah and Sam are just so precious together! They made taking pictures of them a breeze, and so much fun. Though we had a cold, windy afternoon for their session, they both had smiles on their faces and didn’t seem to mind the weather. I told them I was pretty sure they’d have a warmer day for their wedding this September. :)

As we drove between the locations, I had them retell the story of how Sam proposed to Hannah. I won’t go into all the tiny details because I’m sure to mess something up, but it involved sneakily getting both of their families to Knoxville, asking Hannah’s professors at her college in Georgia to let her out of class early so she could make it there, and hiring videographers to shoot a video of him talking about his love for her and ultimately proposing, which they played in Market Square right before movie night for all to see— including Hannah, who was completely unsuspecting. The crowd cheered as he knelt on stage and gave Hannah the ring he had specially made for her. Oh, and he hired videographers for that, too, and the proposal video has had thousands of views. :) My description doesn't even do it justice, but suffice it to say, it was an amazing story and the love between these two is beautiful and strong.

Congratulations on your engagement, Hannah and Sam! We are so excited to be your photographers for your special day!