Families & Little Ones

Baby Hayes, One Year Session

Baby Hayes is a one-year-old!
Though this family usually comes back to our area for his pictures, I did a weekend of sessions in Nashville this Summer and was able to get them in then so they didn’t have to make the trip. We decided to go to the Percy Warner Park Stairs, and it was a lovely background for their pictures!
We had a hot, humid day, but that didn't seem to bother Hayes, who was showing off his walking skills like a pro. :) He didn’t want to stay still for long, exploring the park and taking it all in as fast as he could. And he was just the happiest little guy! I love his adventurous, cheerful spirit, and that we were able to capture just a bit of that at this session. Though we didn’t stick it out as long as normal because of the heat, we still got some sweet, sweet pictures of this little family.

Happy first birthday, baby Hayes! It has been a joy being your first photographer!

Baby Mary Carr, Four Month Session

I had a weekend of Nashville sessions this Summer, and was so happy to get this little family in while I was in town! I photographed Catherine and Alex’s wedding several years ago, and like all of our wedding clients, they hold a special place in our hearts. Since their wedding, they have moved more towards the Nashville area, and this year they welcomed Mary Carr into their world! The timing of this visit was just right for me to capture her four month milestone for them. Mary Carr loved cuddling with her mom and dad, did a great job pushing up on her belly, and her big blue eyes gazed at the flowers and trees around her with sparkling wonder. She is absolutely adorable! I’m so happy for Catherine and Alex, these three make a precious little family.

Special thanks to Sinking Creek Farms in Murfreesboro for letting us take these pictures on their grounds.

Baby Charlotte, Newborn Session

If you've been around here for very long, you should know by now that we had two nieces born to our family in June (and have another on the way, due this December!) You could say this is the year of the girls around our family!
I went to take baby Charlotte's newborn pictures the week after she arrived, and she did such a good job for her session. She slept soundly, cuddled closely with her mom and dad, and didn't stir when big sister came into the nursery to play Barbies with her aunt Abie. :) Though she looks very much like Blakely did when she was that young, I know Charlotte will be her own person, and we can't wait to see her unique characteristics shine through the older she gets. 
Blakely is adjusting very well to being a big sister, she adores baby Charlotte and gives her lots of cuddles and kisses. When we did this session, Blakely was a bit sad that I wanted to take their pictures and couldn't just play with her, so she didn't want to sit still for very long. I didn't know if we would get any pictures of just her and Charlotte this time, but at the end when I was taking pictures of her baby sister outside, Blakely decided to go sit beside her and give her some love. The images weren't really posed or planned, but I love them and I am so glad we got some of the two of them together at this stage! 

Welcome to the world, baby Charlotte! We love you!