Families & Little Ones

Baby Conley Jane, Six Month Session

This sweet girl turned six months old this spring, so it was time for another milestone session! We visited the lovely Soleil Garden Center, where their colorful flowers and beautiful scenery went perfectly with the spring weather outside. Conley Jane loved checking everything out and was bright-eyed for most of the session. :) She was sitting up well on her own, though we gave her some extra support here and there, and gave us lots of happy smiles! I love that we were able to include the bassinet that has been used in their family for years, as well as the chair her uncle make for her at the end. Incorporating these sentimental items just makes the images even more special for Conley Jane and her family!

Baby Virginia, One Year Session

Maddie asked me if I could come take a few pictures of her daughter Virginia in a similar way as a photograph of Maddie when she was about the same age. She even had the same dress she had worn then, and it fit Virginia perfectly! So we did a simple little session in front of the window in her nursery, and got lots of sweet pictures. Big brother Owen joined in for a few and they had so much fun together. :) It’s amazing what we can do with just a simple setup and two precious kiddos! (And a dog!)

Baby Evy Jaymes, 9 Month Session

Our sweet niece Evy Jaymes at nine months old! The weather just wasn’t cooperating for this session so we decided to take it inside so everyone could be nice and cozy. Baby Evy was sitting up like a pro and gave me some adorable baby smiles with those new bottom teeth making an appearance. Because she wasn’t walking just yet she still had those squishy baby thighs, so we decided to show those off before she walked them away. :) Big brother Esau joined her for a few pictures, but it being close to nap time for both of them by the end, they weren’t quite as excited about those haha. We got a few before the meltdowns happened, though! :)