Families & Little Ones

Baby Evy + Generation Portraits

Our niece, baby Evy, had a few extra familiar faces for her four month session! Her momma asked if we could do a few four generation photos with Evy, her mom, her grandma (LaLa), and her great-grandmother Evy (her namesake!) I loved the idea, so we took advantage of the sunshine outside and took some pictures in Grandma Evy’s backyard. It was a bit chilly that day so we were only outside for a few minutes, but we were able to get some sweet pictures of these sweet ladies all together.

Lyla & Family

I worked with this little family for Lyla’s newborn session and another milestone, and it was so great to see them again for this session! Lyla has definitely grown up over the past few years, but she is still as adorable as she was before. Though she may have made us work a bit harder to get those sweet smiles this time, we got them, and that is what counts. ;) I was never one to like being the center of attention when I was young, so when we work with little ones who seem hesitant to be in front of the camera, I take things slow and do my best to make them feel comfortable before we start trying to pose everyone. If we can make them forget about the camera for just a second, that is when we can get those natural, sweet smiles. :)

Baby Baylor, Six Month Session

Little Baylor at six months old!
The forecast was sunny but the high was in the 20’s the morning of this session, and we knew that was going to be way too cold for sweet Baylor and her little family. So I called my friend Julie Davis, who has a studio in Milan, TN, and she graciously let us use her space for a few hours that morning! Baylor stayed warm and cozy, and she gave us some sweet smiles as she showed us how she could sit up and how she could grab her toes. :) It may not have been the background we had planned on initially, but I love how these turned out and am so grateful to have clients who are understanding when the weather doesn’t cooperate, and friends like Julie who lend a hand when it is needed.