Families & Little Ones

Baby James, One Year Session

I photographed his big brother Jack’s first year of milestones several years ago (which makes me feel old to admit— when did he get so big?!) and with this session we wrapped up little James’s grow-with-me package. It’s always bittersweet when the first year milestones are complete because I get happily used to seeing my families every few months, but it is wonderful to see these babies grow into sweet, mischievous, healthy little humans. James was just a sweetheart for his one year pictures, snuggling with his family, playing with his big brother, and checking out my camera in between photos. :) He showed off his walking skills and spoke a few of the words he had been learning, and then had fun eating/destroying his cake at the end. It has been such a fun year to capture in his life, and I know it will only get better from here!

Happy first year, baby James! It has been a pleasure being your first photographer.

Baby Grady, Newborn Session

Jordan and Eric were some of my very first wedding clients, and they hold a special place in my heart. I remember their hot, sunny wedding day well— the carriage ride that took Jordan and her dad up the driveway to the ceremony site, and the chill bumps on my arms as A Thousand Years played while the guests all stood. The photo of Jordan & Eric kissing at sunset, where I couldn’t get my flash to work at first (I had put my batteries in wrong.) I remember leaving the reception feeling blown away that they had chosen me to be their wedding photographer, because they probably could have chosen someone better. But also, feeling so excited because I knew we had gotten some special images for them that day.

Now, several years and a few children later, I am so happy to have worked with them once again! They welcomed a beautiful, sweet baby boy into their world and I was able to travel to their home for his newborn session. It was quite a bit colder that day than when I photographed their wedding, but we stayed warm and cozy inside. :) I loved meeting all three of their children, who I feel take after Jordan and Eric equally, and getting to capture more special memories of them all together. Such a sweet little session and a precious little family!

Welcome to the world baby Grady!

Baby Maggie, Six Month Session

We were so excited to see a warmer, 60 degree day in the forecast for Maggie’s session after it had been cold for so long! And though we were a bit caught off guard when it was actually kind of chilly that morning, Maggie did great and was such a happy baby girl for her pictures. She showed off her newfound sitting up skills, and loved cuddling with her big brother (though he was ready to go explore as soon as he was no longer needed haha). I worked extra fast to get the session done before these little ones got too cool, but they made my job easy that morning and we got plenty of sweet photos in half the time of a usual session. :) So grateful for that little bit of sunshine and those happy faces!