Why do we need professional photos for our businesses? 

In 2017, I was honored to be voted "Best Photographer" in The Union City Messenger's reader's choice awards. They called me with the happy news (I hadn't even known I was in the running!) and then asked if I would send them a headshot by the end of the week to be included in their article. Thankfully, I had just traded headshot sessions with my photographer friend Julie, so I emailed the picture to them and all was well. 


When the newspaper was available to pick up, I happily flipped through page after page to see all the people and businesses that had also been voted best in their field for that year. I was excited to see my favorite coffee shop had won (congrats Higher Ground!) as well as several other local businesses. And I'll admit, it was fun to see my name alongside them!  But, I started noticing that only a few of these businesses had professional photos to accompany their shout-outs. (Hair stylists critique everyone's hair, English teachers critique everyone's grammar, I critique everyone's photos... it's part of it!) I understand we had a short deadline to send in a photo, so many people probably weren't able to arrange a photoshoot and have the pictures back in time to send in. But it made me wonder how many companies in our area need professional pictures taken, so that next time they need a picture, be it for a newspaper article or for everyday social media posts, they are prepared and ready to send or post their photo with just a few clicks. 


What is branding photography?

You bring something unique and special to your clients, and branding is all about showcasing who you are and what your business is about. A huge part of branding is imagery, and sometimes a traditional headshot or a generic stock image just doesn’t cut it. Although those genres both have their place, a custom session that highlights your personality, your services, and that is styled according to your tastes, will set your business apart big time. Whether you're a solopreneur or have a small company with multiple team members, a commercial branding session is the perfect way to show your potential clients what your business is about and what they can expect when they work with you!

Who needs a brand photography session?

I believe any entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to up their social media game, have a more professional feel to their website, or who needs updated images for printed materials could benefit from this kind of session. These packages include headshots (casual or traditional), pictures of you and your team smiling at the camera and hard at work, product photos, and even pictures of your space. I've worked with doctor's offices, coffee shops, music artists, and even construction companies, and I would love to work with YOU! 

The band, Avonlea

The band, Avonlea

Okay, let's do this! How do we get started?

First, head on over to the contact page and fill out the form there! I’ll send you my package options so you can decide which one is the best fit for your company, and then we’ll set up a time to talk about what your branding session will look like. We'll meet for coffee and go over things such as your branding colors, what kind of images you'll need, locations and even wardrobe. We can even create a custom mood board just for your business, which is actually pretty fun! Then we'll set a date and get everything ready for your brand photography session. 

Thanks so much for checking out our brand photography information!