What To Wear For Your Senior Portrait Session

Senior sessions are so much fun to photograph for my clients, as this is a season of change, growth, and excitement! I’ve got a few tips below for my senior clients as they decide what to wear for their session. I hope it makes this process a little easier while they are busy making so many other decisions during this time. :) 

1. Personality Pieces

One thing I love about senior sessions is that we can infuse a little extra personality in these, as we want to highlight this specific time in this one person’s life. Though I do think a “normal” outfit or two is great to bring, I also love outfits that are especially “them”. From sports jerseys and band uniforms, to simply throwing on some Converses, heels, or wearing a favorite hat, adding these more meaningful pieces will make these pictures feel a bit more special when you look back at them later. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, as there is usually time for a few different looks!


 *I always encourage my seniors to bring sentimental items that we can naturally incorporate into the session as well. Musical instruments, favorite books, sports equipment, heirloom quilts— these are just a few things we’ve seen!


2. Timeless Outfits

Though we do want to incorporate your personality into your session, I do think a more timeless option is still a good idea. These pictures will be around for a long time, and having all super trendy outfits will make these look a little more dated more quickly. Try to bring at least one outfit option that is a bit more classic (that doesn’t have to mean stiff and outdated, but think little black dress vs. high waisted jeans, or a button down shirt vs. all graphic tees.) 


3. Mix it Up

There are so many ways to mix up your outfits to make sure you have a good variety at your senior session. You can start by including different colors in each outfit— you don’t want to look back and realize all your outfits were blue! :) Then, I always recommend having at least one dressy option and one casual, but that can be whatever that means to you. Lastly, if appropriate for that season, mix it up between pants and shorts or, for the ladies, throw in a dress or skirt.


4. Accessorize

A great way to add some extra options easily is through accessories! Bringing a hat, a jacket, scarves, vests, and jewelry that we can add or take away for some pictures will give you more options, while not requiring a full outfit change. 


5. The Practical Stuff

Colors- I don’t have specific colors I always love or don’t like, but I do recommend staying away from super saturated, neon colors. They can be a bit distracting, and can splash those colors onto your skin. 

Patterns- I don’t ban all patterns, but I do think it is a good idea to keep patterns on the less busy side of things, and to break patterns up with some solids. Just like super bright colors, busy patterns can be a bit distracting. I do, however, love texture and layers! Cozy wool sweaters, scarves, or vests are a great way to add visual interest, while keeping the focus on you. 

Fit- Make sure your outfits look great whether you are standing or sitting. Guys, make sure your pants aren’t too short to sit in, because seeing too much of a gap between your feet and your pants legs is not the best look. :) Ladies, those little dresses can be super cute, but keep in mind you’ll probably be sitting in a few pictures as well! A shorter dress or skirt may just mean we won’t be able to get as much variety in that particular outfit, so if you want to bring one, try to bring another option with you that you will be able to comfortably sit in. Also, consider bringing a camisole to wear under any shirts/dresses that will show underclothes around the neck or underarms.


I hope this is helpful for you as you plan your outfits for your senior pictures!