Katie + Matthew, Wedding


We took a mini road trip to Memphis to photograph Katie and Matthew's special day, and my goodness-- it was lovely! The venue was the Memphis Metal Museum, which provided such a great backdrop, especially when paired with the river to the side. We loved the assorted vases and jars they had collected to use as their center pieces, and we thought the food-- from the food truck to the cakes-- was absolutely fabulous. They had wonderful taste all around! Even though it was a bit cold on that March evening, no one seemed to let that keep them from celebrating such a lovely couple. The little ones had so much fun playing the yard games and busting the piñata filled with candy, and the adults even had a little piñata of their own. ;) Katie and Matt had thought of everything, and everyone! I hadn't gotten the chance to meet Katie and Matt in person before the wedding, but once we met them they were so kind and welcoming, they made us feel like friends. You could tell during the ceremony and throughout the day that these two were so in love, because the only smile that outshone Matt's was Katie's. Capturing them laughing and kissing and celebrating was so much fun for us and we were happy to be a part of their big day! I hope they'll be laughing and dancing and this in love in 50 years!

Special thanks to Courtney Baum for being my second photographer for this event, and to my handsome husband Jimmy, who was my assistant. :) Katie's hair and makeup was done by Sarah Bailey from Styles on Broadway.

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