Heidi + Benjamin, A Birdsong Wedding

Michelle and I drove for several hours last November to photograph Benjamin and Heidi's lovely wedding day. We had such a fun drive there, traveling through the mountains of East TN and stopping to get coffee along the way. We discovered some amazing restaurants in Knoxville the day before the wedding, and fell in love with the city's architecture and little shops as we explored Downtown a bit. (The best sushi I ever had was at a place in Knoxville, though I can't remember the name at the moment!) When Benjamin and Heidi asked me to photograph their wedding, I felt incredibly special that they had chosen us! I had gotten to know the Birdsong family while going to Synergy Youth camp as a teen, and taking pictures there through college. They led the teens in worship and you could tell they were sincere and humble, even though they are some of the most talented individuals I know. For the week we were there, they would hang out on the beach and get to know the kids, making friends with a lot of us. :) So when we got to the church to photograph the wedding, it was fun seeing their family again and catching up a little in between pictures.

Heidi and Benjamin are such a beautiful couple and we loved how they created special moments throughout their wedding day.  Heidi had some of her bridesmaids set up a table full of gifts for Benjamin, which included tshirts and pictures, sodas for the groomsmen, and a book she wrote for him titled "Reasons I Want To Marry You". The vows they said to each other during the ceremony were beautiful and precious, and I loved them so much I asked them if we could adapt them for mine and Jimmy's wedding as well! They ended the ceremony in the most fitting way for them, by singing a few worship songs and  inviting everyone to worship with them. And when they walked back down the isle as Husband and Wife, the cute song they wrote and sung for each other played through the speakers as everyone followed them out. :)

Thanks Heidi and Benjamin for inviting us to be a part of your special day, we had so much fun and we were so happy to be a part of it. Special thanks to Michelle Fisher who was my lovely and talented second shooter for this wedding!

birdsong_0001 birdsong_0002 birdsong_0003 birdsong_0004 birdsong_0005 birdsong_0006 birdsong_0007 birdsong_0008 birdsong_0009 birdsong_0010 birdsong_0011 birdsong_0012 birdsong_0013 birdsong_0014 birdsong_0015 birdsong_0016 birdsong_0017 birdsong_0018 birdsong_0019 birdsong_0020 birdsong_0021 birdsong_0022 birdsong_0023 birdsong_0024 birdsong_0025 birdsong_0026 birdsong_0027 birdsong_0028 birdsong_0029 birdsong_0030 birdsong_0031 birdsong_0032 birdsong_0033 birdsong_0034

It rained all day long, but we still wanted to get a few shots outside.

birdsong_0036 birdsong_0037 birdsong_0038 birdsong_0039 birdsong_0040 birdsong_0041 birdsong_0042 birdsong_0043 birdsong_0044 birdsong_0045 birdsong_0046 birdsong_0047 birdsong_0048 birdsong_0049 birdsong_0050 birdsong_0051 birdsong_0052 birdsong_0053 birdsong_0054 birdsong_0055 birdsong_0056 birdsong_0057 birdsong_0058 birdsong_0059 birdsong_0060 birdsong_0061 birdsong_0062

Just because the bride and groom couldn't get wet in the rain didn't mean I couldn't! :)

This was where Benjamin and Heidi got engaged, so we wanted to make sure we included some around this piano. Their engagement story is so sweet!

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