Two-Year-Old Logan and Family

How has it been over two years ago since we took Logan's newborn pictures? It is always bittersweet seeing these little ones grow, because it just seems like they grow too quickly! <3
I'm so grateful for this sweet family, and their patience with this session. The forecast for the day we originally planned to take these looked a little iffy, but we decided to try to do the session anyways, and it started raining about five minutes before they arrived. (I had even just finished a session that was all sunshine and beautiful skies!) Then we rescheduled one or two more times due to weather, so when this morning worked out I was overjoyed to see sun! Even throughout the crazy scheduling and rescheduling process, this family was kind and understanding, and I want to say another "thank you" to them for that. I'm so glad it finally worked out and we got some sweet smiles from everyone! :) 

Happy Two Years little Logan!