Christa & Clint- AR Engagement

If you asked me who my best friend was when I was a kid I'd proudly tell you it was Christa. :) We have known each other since forever, from playing with Barbies, building huts out of bamboo/cane, making our famous yeast rolls…. and now we get to watch each other get married this March. When I got the text last Summer saying she and Clint were engaged I was so excited, and of course I was glad to accept their invitation to take their engagement pictures. I drove to Arkansas one weekend and we hiked through a creek and a field and onto a bridge, having a lovely time and laughing a bunch. It made me happy to see her so happy, and I couldn't think of a better man for her than Clint. Congratulations you two! See you in a few weeks for the big day! christaClint2 christaClint1 christaClint3

Christa and I back in '97. :)