Mary Evelyn Bridal

I love bridal sessions, because they are kind of a little "dress rehearsal" for the big day. Not only do I get to see what the best angles and poses are for each bride, but my clients also get to see what they may want to do differently for the wedding. Some decide they want their hair a little fuller, others want darker eyeshadow... Some can relax and know this is exactly what they had in mind! For Mary Evelyn's session, we took some pictures around their church in Hickman, KY, and then went to a friend's home nearby to get some pictures in a more natural setting. My favorite part of the session was towards the end, when I showed her a picture on the back of my camera and she said she really felt like a bride now! The weeks leading up to the wedding can be such a blur, as there are so many details to focus on and things to get done, that it can be tough to remember the point of it all. You're getting married! It can be such an exciting, crazy time, but I encourage all the future brides out there to just relax for a moment and get excited, rather than stress out over to-do lists. Everything will get done, it will all be fine, and soon you will become a Mrs. :) ACP_8955_1