Baby Connor, One Year Session

Little Connor is a One-Year-Old!
Poor Connor had some teeth about to break through so he didn't feel his best for this session, but we were still able to get some sweet pictures of him and his little family. :) Sometimes I just have to put my camera away for a minute and we all play, getting the babies to have fun and be themselves, so a lot of this session we tossed a ball back and forth and threw leaves in the air, or he watched the cars pass by on the street. After he had a chance to warm up, I grabbed my camera again and we got some sweet smiles. The funny thing was Kristin suggested we put him in his crib for a minute, because he loves being in his crib. As soon as we did, he lit up and laughed and played, and we got some of my favorite images from his session! Whatever works! :) 

Happy first year Connor! I'm so glad I got to be a little part of it!