Donna + Sam, 50 Year Anniversary

Last Fall I had the privilege of photographing the 50th wedding anniversary for Donna and Sam. It was the perfect day for such a gathering, with friends who wanted to come celebrate this couple, as well as their children and grandchildren who were able to be there. Every time a new guest arrived the couple greeted them with hugs and made them feel especially welcome, from the smallest grandchild to their oldest friends. A good, southern greeting. :) After their yard was filled with cars and everyone gathered on the back porch, they said a blessing and were presented with various gifts that applauded their years together. Then the guests were encouraged to grab a bite, enjoy the fresh outdoor air, and visit to their heart's content! 
-One thing I loved was flipping through their wedding album, with pictures from that sweet day 50 years ago. Styles may have changed and they may have added a few extras to their family tree, but those beautiful memories haven't gone anywhere. :) 

Thank you, Donna & Sam, for inviting me to be a part of this lovely day! And congratulations on this milestone, I wish you both many more years together!