Baby Mason, Newborn Session

Baby Mason did such a great job at his newborn session! He even slept while his big sister (closely monitored by their mom ;) ) held him and gave his some sweet kisses. 
I shared this on Facebook, but I just thought it was too precious to not share here as well! I had been trying to get Mason's hands folded under his cheek, but he just was not having it. I decided to slow down and let him do his own thing for a moment, and he placed his hands just like this and gave us the sweetest little smile!

It may not seem like anything amazing, but it was magical to me because the picture below is of his big sister last Fall when Mason was still in his momma's womb. She struck the same little pose then, and I thought it was so precious. I asked her mom if this is something she does often, if maybe it is from a game they play, and she said it isn't. <3 How sweet is it that they both did the same thing for their sessions, months apart, all on their own?

Welcome to the world baby Mason!