Baby Emmett, One Year Session

Oh, baby Emmett, you are such a charming little guy! 
I can't believe this is the final session in Emmett's Grow-With-Me package. I had such a fun time working with him and his little family this past year, from his newborn session till now. I call him my little football player, because he has been strong and ahead of his physical milestones at every session! (I remember he was trying to push up on his belly at his newborn session, and was taking a few steps on his own at nine months!) Though I won't pressure him to go the football route, if he does, I hope he still lets me take his family's pictures when he goes pro. ;) However, it seems farming is in his blood so he may grow up to be just like his dad! He sure did love watching the cows at his one year session. :) 

Happy first birthday, baby Emmett!