Kayla + Andrew, Nashville Engagement Session

Every session is special to me, but it is especially so when I get to work with my friends. <3

Kayla and I went to college together in Nashville several years ago, and made memories that consist of baking cupcakes, watching the old tv show Monk, and talking lots about photography and homework. She was dating Andrew back then, and it was pretty much a sure thing in my mind that these two were going to get married someday. :) So last year when she sent me a picture of her (gorgeous) engagement ring on her finger, I was completely excited for them-- excited, but maybe not surprised, because I simply can't imagine these two with anyone else. 

Kayla and Andrew have been living in Washington, D.C. for the past few years, but made a special trip back to Nashville for their engagement session. They had a few specific places they wanted to incorporate, so we took a few pictures around Broadway and Downtown Nashville, before heading to the Blackstone Brewing Company (because they appreciate a good pint) and the more natural setting at Centennial Park. We planned this session for months, and although not everything went exactly as planned (like traffic and crowds and a few raindrops) it turned out to be a wonderful afternoon for them. I was so happy to see my old friend, and it was a joy to photograph her and Andrew as they begin this next stage in life! 

We took twice as long for this session as I typically do, so there was no way I could narrow these pictures down to just 8 or 9 for their blog-- you'll just have to see a few more of my favorites than normal. :) 

A special thanks to Blackstone Brewing Company for letting us take some pictures around their brewery and tap room! You can find more information about them here: https://blackstonebeer.com