Swamp Creek Co.

I had such a fun time creating these images for Swamp Creek Co., a local business specializing in authentic outdoor apparel and some really amazing accessories you'll want to take with you for your next adventure. From their t-shirts to their handcrafted leather koozies, I was so impressed with the quality and design of these products! 
When they called me about taking these photos, we decided to go a more lifestyle direction that would reflect the feel of their fun, outdoorsy brand. We met at the lake with all the models, a few I have had the pleasure of working with before, and had lots of laughs in-between (and during!) the pictures. :) I think we nailed the look we were going for, and the pictures were up on their website and social media in time for their official launch!
Since the session, they have been working on adding a few more products to their shop, including a coffee mug I may have to see about purchasing for my collection. ;) Pair that with a leather koozie for Jimmy, and I think those would be perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas in a few months! (Is it bad to buy your own stocking stuffer?)

Congratulations on your launch, Swamp Creek Co.! We're so excited to see your business taking off! 
You can find more info about these product at Swamp Creek Co's website, www.swampcreekco.com
Or check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/swampcreekco