Baby Evy, Newborn Session

Introducing baby Evy Jaymes!
This sweet little niece of ours was born this summer, and we are so in love with her chubby little cheeks and her adorable smiles. She looks so much like her big brother did when he was a baby, with her tucked lower lip and her serious brow when she is trying to concentrate on something. :) But her eyes are more girly to me, those are all Evy.

Baby Evy was named after two very special people— her great-grandmother Evy, who loves her dearly, and holds and rocks her after Sunday dinner as often as she can, and her grandad Jim, who passed away earlier this year. Though he didn’t get to meet her, he is surely looking down at his second grand baby with that proud smile of his! She was already very loved before she was even born.

Welcome to the world, baby Evy! We are so glad you are here. <3