Jordan + Dillon, Engagement

When we photograph a wedding, we photograph more than just the bride and groom— we also photograph the people who stand by their sides to celebrate this special couple: sorority sisters, old friends, cousins, brothers…. Jordan and Dillon have been there to show their love and support for too many friends to count at this point. If they haven’t actually been in the wedding party, they have been each others wedding date for the past several years as guests, watching their friends say I Do. And now it is almost their turn. :)

Though Jimmy already knew her from school, I first met Jordan several years ago when she was a bridesmaid at one of the weddings we were photographing. Then she was in another wedding, and another one, and on the guest list at another. She was always so sweet, and would always try to make the day as special for the bride & groom as possible. At one point I told her, “Hey, when you get engaged, you let me know, because I’m going to be so sad if I’m not your photographer!” :) Then last year at another wedding she introduced me to her date, and Dillon, who was then her boyfriend, is now her fiancé. She sent me a message this year that started off with, “Guess who is finally going to be the bride? :)”

Dillon and Jordan, we are so excited to be a part of your day this Fall! Thank you for asking us to be your photographers. We are honored!