The Harris Family

I know there are a few different families represented here, but it all started with Mr. and Mrs. Harris, who then became a mom and dad, who then became in-laws, who then became grandparents, so we’ll put them all under the Harris family umbrella. :) It was a job in itself finding a date to get everyone together for this session, but I’m so glad it worked out, because I have such a love for extended family sessions. I know it is important for everyone in the picture, but I just think it is especially important for the little ones to have these for when they grow up. How special will it be for them to look back on this season in their lives and see everyone together and all these smiling faces?

It was so nice to work with these sweet families, most for the first time. All the kids were incredibly well behaved, and everyone was kind and helpful— from making silly faces and such behind me to encourage smiles for those in front of the camera, to carrying my little crate around for me. Truly a wonderful family all around!