Kaitlyn, Senior Class of 2019

I had a few helpers for Kaitlyn’s senior session, including her mom and our mutual friend Darcey, so it was easy to get some real smiles from Kaitlyn, and nice to have an extra few hands to help with wind blown hair or to hold the reflector for me. :) We started off downtown Union City, utilizing those great brick background and such that went perfectly with her outfit choices. Darcey had brought a few hats for us to choose from for a more playful option, and the hat images were some of the favorites from the day! After we had finished in the downtown area, we drove to Kaitlyn’s grandparents’ home where we were able to incorporate some extra sentimental items, including the Tennessee blanket that you can see in a picture below. Those personal touches can add a little extra meaning to the pictures for my clients, so I am always happy to add them in when possible! 

Thanks so much for letting me take these for you Kaitlyn! And congratulations on your upcoming graduation!